Luxury Brownies

These brownies turned out under-baked with a lava centre. They were really difficult to slice even when I left it to cool to room temperature. The sliced lines just joined back together since it’s literally lava inside. I sliced them again after refrigerating them.

These brownies are really rich with chocolate and cocoa powder in them, making them double-chocolatey. I think they taste better when served cold, right out of the fridge. They taste really fudgey and moist.

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Sticky and Sweet: Chocolate Caramel Slice

These are some ugly chocolate caramel slices. I have absolutely no cutting skills, so these slices ended up with cracked chocolate topping and coconut shortbread crumbs everywhere. These are also very sweet and delicious but can definitely benefit from some salt.

I adapted the recipe from Donna Hay and this little cookbook I bought from a little town in Australia, Kyneton. They were raising funds for the Kyneton Playgroup through selling of this cookbook, tried and tested recipes collected from parents who have kids in this group. I thought it would be a meaningful souvenir to commemorate my farm stay there and to bring a piece of Australian culture back to Singapore.

Speaking of Donna Hay, how did she get her caramel slice to look so damn gorgeous?

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