Strawberry Crepe Cake

Finally something non-chocolate! I was in an adventurous mood last week and decided to make something that I’m really not confident in- crepes. There isn’t any trick to it – like every other baking recipe, just get every ingredient or utensil you would need prepared before you start to make them. This has helped me to not be flustered easily in the kitchen, and hence make stupid decisions.

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Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake

Soft & moist chocolate cake topped with a chewy fudgey frosting. The cake portion was really easy to make. All you need is a pot to melt the butter, evaporated milk, chocolate and sugar. Leave it to cool and whisk the cooled mixture into eggs then lastly fold in the dry ingredients before steaming the cake.

The frosting was the tricky part – during clean up! Making the frosting itself was easy – throw in all the ingredients into the pot and boil the mixture while mixing constantly. Simple. The frosting cooks to a sticky caramel consistency – chewy, pliable and shiny. Like caramel, it’s difficult to scrape it all out when washing the pot. You can just put hot water into pot and the frosting will melt for easier clean up but I’m not thrilled by the extra step.

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Luxury Brownies

These brownies turned out under-baked with a lava centre. They were really difficult to slice even when I left it to cool to room temperature. The sliced lines just joined back together since it’s literally lava inside. I sliced them again after refrigerating them.

These brownies are really rich with chocolate and cocoa powder in them, making them double-chocolatey. I think they taste better when served cold, right out of the fridge. They taste really fudgey and moist.

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Simple Panna Cotta

I have not blogged for quite a while since my laptop crashed. Now that I have a new laptop, it’s time to bring back the posts! I bought a carton of whipping cream on sale and forgot about it in the fridge. Next time I took it out, it was going to expire really soon. What should I do to clear this liter of cream so that I don’t waste food and money? A quick search on Google brought me to panna cotta.

A few days before I made this, I had pistachio panna cotta in a restaurant and it was delightfully creamy and fragrant. Definitely won’t mind creating something similar at home. The great thing was, making panna cotta is so so so simple- just cook cream, milk, gelatin and flavorings together.

Instead of putting the panna cotta into moulds and flipping them out, I poured the mixture into little pudding bottles. I emphasize the word ‘little’ because this dessert is quite rich, half of it is made of cream. Look at these cute bottles of milk pudding, so charming looking!

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