Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yummy chocolate chip cookies that are fragrant, sweet and so delicious. I am really happy with how these cookies turned out. The photo above shows the first batch of cookies – a bit pale and softer. These cookies look great – reminds me of subway cookies soft and chewy. If you like the softer cookie, stop baking them at 15 minutes.

I like crunchier cookies better so I baked my subsequent batches longer – for 18 minutes.

A close up of the first batch cookies – paler and flatter

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Luxury Brownies

These brownies turned out under-baked with a lava centre. They were really difficult to slice even when I left it to cool to room temperature. The sliced lines just joined back together since it’s literally lava inside. I sliced them again after refrigerating them.

These brownies are really rich with chocolate and cocoa powder in them, making them double-chocolatey. I think they taste better when served cold, right out of the fridge. They taste really fudgey and moist.

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Chocolate Almond Cookies

These are some misshapen but delicious chocolate butter cookies. I love making slice and bake cookies like these. You can keep a log of cookie dough in your freezer and slice a few pieces to bake whenever you want some cookies. Voila fresh cookies warm out of the oven!

My cookies got a little out of shape because I shaped the cookies a bit too large and decided to slice them twice. Once to form a large slice and second time to cut that slice into half. That’s why the cookies have a mixture of straight and blunt edges. I think it prefer it smaller, easier to pop into your mouth!

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Chewy Coconut Macaroons

I bought quite a few cookbooks and have never tried any recipe in them because of procrastination. I decided to try this recipe from one of those books for a simple coconut cookie as I found an online baking event with the theme this month being coconut. I may be a regular participant for that event as it seems like quite a good way for me to motivate me to bake frequently.

Without further ado, my first entry to ‘Little Thumbs Up’. These are American coconut macaroons, different from French macarons made with meringue and almond flour. These were chewy, coconutty, fragrant and light. This were also a breeze to make!

This recipe turned out good, I’ll be definitely trying more from the same book.

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