Condensed Milk Bread

I have not been updating this blog for so long and this means I have not baked for -gasp- 3 months! To break this baking hiatus, I decided to make condensed milk bread since I had condensed milk at home – stocked from a long time ago.

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Stove Top Oatmeal

There is something soothing about having hot oatmeal in the morning rather than cold overnight oats. I would rather stand over the stove for a few minutes than store a mason jar in the fridge overnight for breakfast. Overnight oats are all the rage for health nuts and really trendy. I’ve tried making those before but I don’t think they taste as nice as freshly cooked oatmeal porridge.

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Waffle of Insane Greatness

That’s the Kinfolk Table there being a prop to my Waffles of Insane Greatness. No joke. The name of the recipe is really that. I do agree that these waffles are quite amazing. They are fast to make, crispy, smell and taste delicious. The batter can be done in one bowl and mixed with a metal spoon (at least that was what I did). Why this recipe works is due to the corn starch inside which makes the waffle so crispy.

These waffles can be kept too, if you really do not have time in the morning. I made some extra. I was home alone when I made this and I cannot possibly finish that many waffles! -.-  Anyway, I stored the extras using baking grease proof paper in an airtight contained (i.e. waffle, a layer of paper, another waffle, another layer of paper and so on) and left it in the fridge. Those lasted me about 3 days.. still perfect after a while in the toaster! I made a quick breakfast, fried egg and toasted waffle. Quick and satisfying!

I seriously worship this recipe. It’s easy, simple, fuss-free and delicious. You have to make it!

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