Strawberry Crepe Cake

Finally something non-chocolate! I was in an adventurous mood last week and decided to make something that I’m really not confident in- crepes. There isn’t any trick to it – like every other baking recipe, just get every ingredient or utensil you would need prepared before you start to make them. This has helped me to not be flustered easily in the kitchen, and hence make stupid decisions.

My crepes were definitely not perfect – they were on the thick side and quite pale. Next time, I will pour less batter for each crepe (used one soup ladleful for a crepe) and cook it longer for more browning. There were one or two crepes that tore a little during the flipping process. Not that it mattered since I was going to stack them all up anyway.

This is a simple flavour for a crepe cake, just some tangy strawberries sitting on a bed of lightly sweetened whipped cream for each layer. It looks so simple.. and very rustic, because I am horrible at assembling and decorating cakes.


Adapted from Carol不藏私配方珍藏版–500張照 (Translated by myself)


CREPES (Makes about 12 8in crepes)
30g unsalted butter, melted
175g cake flour, sifted
30g caster sugar
Pinch of salt
335ml milk
2 eggs, room temperature
1 tsp brandy (optional- I used Cointreau, you can replace with milk if not using alcohol)

300g whipping cream, chilled
30g caster sugar
15 strawberries (You may use kiwis if you want)



  1. Add cake flour, caster sugar and salt into a bowl and mix well.
  2. Add in milk and eggs gradually (to reduce lumps) and mix well to form a liquid batter.
  3. Add in brandy and melted butter and mix until well combined.
  4. Sieve the batter to remove lumps into another bowl.
  5. Cover bowl with cling wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes for resting.
  6. Using a non-stick pan, melt some butter and spread butter all over the pan using a kitchen paper towel.
  7. While on low heat, add one ladleful of batter into the pan (you may adjust this depending on the size of your ladle and pan).
  8. Quickly swirl the batter to cover the surface of the pan.
  9. Cook till the top of the crepe is dry and the edges curl up slightly.
  10. Flip the crepe and cook for 20 more seconds.
  11. Cook more crepes until there is no more batter left.

FILLING (Can be done while waiting for crepe batter to rest)

  1. Slice strawberries (and kiwi if you are using) to around 0.3cm thick.
  2. Place sliced fruits on a paper towel to remove excess liquid.
  3. Whip cream until stiff peaks form. Chill in fridge until ready to assemble.


  1. Place one crepe on the surface and spread a thin layer of cream on top. Add sliced fruits and cover with more cream.
  2. Add another layer of crepe and press down slightly for even height.
  3. Repeat adding cream, fruit and crepe process for each layer until you finish using your cream and fruit, around 7-8 layers. You can make more layers but more filling ingredients need to be prepared.
  4. Cover with cling wrap and press the cling wrap down the crepe cake slightly before chilling in the fridge for at least 3 hours before serving.
  5. Slice and serve.

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