Luxury Brownies


These brownies turned out under-baked with a lava centre. They were really difficult to slice even when I left it to cool to room temperature. The sliced lines just joined back together since it’s literally lava inside. I sliced them again after refrigerating them.

These brownies are really rich with chocolate and cocoa powder in them, making them double-chocolatey. I think they taste better when served cold, right out of the fridge. They taste really fudgey and moist.


The surface of the brownie was crunchy but thicker than what was pictured in Cocoandme’s recipe. It could be due to me not melting the sugar entirely in the butter in the first step. The recipe stated to use a big pot but I used a small pot. Mistake! The sugar bubbled quite a lot and did not melt easily in the oily butter, it was only half melted when the mixture almost bubbled out of the pot. I stopped the sugar melting then.


Adapted from Cocoandme

230g Butter, roughly cubed
250g Sugar (Granulated or Castor)
200g Whole eggs (approximately four) whisked up
200g DARK Chocolate – in small pellet form or chopped finely so it melts quickly (very important)
140g Flour
40g Cocoa Powder
150g of nuts of your choice (pistachio, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans – You can use just one type or use all four types like I do. They add different crunchy textures to every fudgy bite, which makes the brownie interesting til the last bite)
20cm square baking tin


a. Butter the baking tin. Then line the bottom & the sides with baking paper.
b. Sift together the flour & the cocoa powder.
c. Have the chocolates ready in a large mixing bowl.
d. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.


1. Melt the butter completely in a large pot. (Be sure to use a large pot because the sugar bubbles quite a lot when melting.)
2. Add the sugar. Dissolve.
3. In a separate mixing bowl mix the solid chocolates & eggs(make sure to mix well).
4. Pour the piping hot mixture (from 2) over the chocolates/eggs in a bowl. Mix quickly & thoroughly – make sure all the chocolates have dissolved (if you still have lumps of chocolates left, zap it at 10 second intervals in the microwave until it melts).
5. Spatula in the flour & the cocoa powder. Mix until no traces of flour can be seen.
6. Mix in the nuts. (Make sure you leave some aside for decorating the top with).
7. Pour the mixture in to the prepared tin.
8. Evenly decorate some more nuts on the top surface. (I did not do this.)
9. Bake in the oven (that has been pre-heated to 180 degrees) for 18 to 22 minutes. It’s cooked when the edges have gone slightly dry, the top is shiny & has cracked. The centre of the brownie shoudn’t be wobbly when shook. Remember: the toothpick method won’t work on this fudgy brownie!
10. Leave aside to cool. Don’t cut until they’ve reached room temperature, or even better leave it untouched for a WHOLE DAY to rest.

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