Condensed Milk Bread

I have not been updating this blog for so long and this means I have not baked for -gasp- 3 months! To break this baking hiatus, I decided to make condensed milk bread since I had condensed milk at home – stocked from a long time ago.

The bread turned out looking pretty good and it was also pretty soft and fluffy. However, I suspect I had probably under-baked the bread as it was also slightly gummy when it came out fresh from the oven. Another reason could be that I allowed the bread to cool in its own tin, causing condensation on the bread and hence it became more moist than it should have been.

Many bloggers have success with this recipe so I think this should be safe to try. I just need more practice… >_< You may find the recipe from Mimi Bakery here. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used soy milk because I didn’t have fresh milk at home.


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