Chocolate Almond Cookies

These are some misshapen but delicious chocolate butter cookies. I love making slice and bake cookies like these. You can keep a log of cookie dough in your freezer and slice a few pieces to bake whenever you want some cookies. Voila fresh cookies warm out of the oven!

My cookies got a little out of shape because I shaped the cookies a bit too large and decided to slice them twice. Once to form a large slice and second time to cut that slice into half. That’s why the cookies have a mixture of straight and blunt edges. I think it prefer it smaller, easier to pop into your mouth!

I brought a batch to the office for my colleagues and they liked it. One of them commented that it looked a bit like a type of Jenny Bakery cookies, not the piped butter ones but the shortbread kind. We know for sure Jenny’s cookies look way better. Taste wise, these tasted nice and fragrant, kinda like what you can buy (but you’ll get those looking nicer).

I’ll definitely shape the cookie log with a smaller ‘diameter’ the next time I make this.. so they don’t have uneven edges from cutting twice!


From 菓子学校 Vol.3:餅乾&酥餅 (Translated by me)


150g butter
100g sugar
1 egg, beaten (You may substitute with 50ml whipping cream)
180g cake flour
20g cocoa powder
100g almond flakes

Preparation: Butter and eggs have to be at room temperature. Sift the flour and cocoa powder together.


  1. Beat butter until it is creamy and add in sugar. Mix until sugar has almost dissolved and mixture is a pale yellow colour. I used an electric mixer.
  2. Add in the egg / cream in 3 times, mixing each time to make sure it is incorporated fully into the butter and sugar mixture.
  3. Add in flour and cocoa powder. Use a spatula to press the flour into the wet ingredients while rotating the mixing bowl. You should press it from the centre of the bowl towards the outside. I like this method a lot as it mixes the cookies very effectively and quickly.
  4. Flour the countertop and place the dough on top. Divide the dough into two portions and shape the dough into two logs of 3.5cm X 5cm X 15cm each. (I used parchment paper so that clean up and shaping is easier. I smoothed the log in the paper as the dough was quite sticky.
  5. Roll up the logs using parchment paper and chill in the fridge for 2 hours (one hour in the freezer).
  6. Remove from fridge and cut dough into 1 cm thick slices with a sharp knife.
  7. Bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 20 minutes. If the slices were very frozen, add in 5 minutes more baking time. After baking, remove from oven to cool on a rack and store in airtight container immediately once cooled.

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