Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin bread. Finally something different from the usual banana bread that I make. This pumpkin was S$1 from the grocery store! My mum had to buy a whole pumpkin (since it’s an awesome deal!), perfect with scraps left for me to make this quick bread.

I am beginning to get the hang of mixing quick breads properly, the advice I’ve read from somewhere helped a lot. I forgot the source since it was quite long ago that I’ve first read it. Basically, when making quick breads or muffins, the batter should not be mixed for more than 20 seconds. To ensure that I do not over-mix, I used a spoon instead of a whisk (because I’ve lost my spatula!!).

This was really tasty, other than the fact that I got lazy sifting the flour (dry) mixture halfway and decided to mix the batter up. It was a hot hot day and I was crazy perspiring in a humid kitchen. Turns out I should have sifted everything! It was like a ‘russian roulette’ cake in the end! There were clumps of baking soda which did not dissolve during baking and some unlucky fellas picked the slices with bitter and salty pockets of baking soda. Not cool, Mei Yee, not cool.

Nevertheless, this recipe was still a good one and the bread looks so mouthwatering – golden and fragrant out of the oven. Only quip to self: Better invest in more efficient sift next time and don’t be lazy! I have a small red one which means I take AGES to sift flour mixtures.

Recipe here: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/easy-pumpkin-bread-recipe 

I’ve made some modifications – cutting down on the sugar to 2 cups and not adding any nuts. I didn’t have any in the pantry and I’m a cheap bastard who doesn’t want to spend money on nuts. Hoho.

Till next time,

Mei Yee


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