Reuben’s Cheesecake

This is Reuben’s Cheesecake.  It is delicious to me because of multiple reasons.

A Bailey’s variant of this cheesecake was one of the memorable things that stayed with me till now since the day we first met. A boy who bakes a mean cheesecake… Hmm.. He did successfully created a good first impression with me, and possibly with some of the girls at his bff’s party as well.

First forward about 2 years later, in the middle of text messaging each other, I suddenly thought of that same cheesecake and asked him for the recipe. The recipe that he has tried and tested and pretty much fool-proof. I could make a mean cheesecake as well.

The conversation went somewhat like this.

‘Can you send me your cheesecake recipe?’


“Yay. Thanks!”


“What! It’s so late (forgot the exact timing T_T) at your end now. I wasn’t expecting you to send it right away…”

I really did appreciate him taking time to type out a recipe for me at such a late hour. Can everybody say “aww so sweet”??

And so I baked this cake, with a recipe so generously & lovingly shared. It was delicious, except for the sour cream chocolate topping I’ve added last minute to spice up the looks of this cake. Stupid me, the chocolate topping overpowered the cheesecake’s flavour. It tasted okay still but was definitely better without the chocolate.

I should have followed his trusty recipe. Heh.

Thanks Reuben for the recipe, positivity, loving thoughts and everything else. 🙂


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