Happy 2014!

It’s the new year!

The first official year where I am not a student any more, but a working adult. Some of the resolutions I make this year are distinctly different than those of last year. Last year’s resolutions are somewhat school-oriented, for example, performing well for exams and reaching that certain CAP score I have always wanted. Unfortunately, I did not reach that goal at all. In fact I got that only one C in my transcript from my last semester in school.

I also had other personal goals, which includes setting up a blog (which I did, but did not update regularly) and losing weight (which I didn’t, because I gained weight). I pretty much did not follow what I set out to do at the beginning of 2013.Nevertheless, I was guided by my goals, going for aerobics and fitness classes and baking more.

It is still not the time to lament about lost time since a whole new year awaits. This year, I hope to achieve more things with these new year resolutions.

1) Advance my career.

As a fresh new graduate in the workforce, I am quite comfortably working at my first job now. I would like to have more opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder, either staying with this company I’m working for or being able to find more exposure elsewhere.

2) Focus on relationships.

I’m an independent lady who sometimes prefer to not be in touch with the world. I should continue to be in touch with my friends even with my working lifestyle. Working 9 to 5 weekdays drains a lot out of one’s social life! Also, I aim to be more loving towards my family and boyfriend. My character flaws make me somewhat a fiery personality. I try to control that to stop saying hurting words.

3) Lose weight- exercise + eat healthy

This is an eternal stayer on every year’s resolutions. I need to eat healthier, definitely. Quite difficult with this blog’s existence, I must say. ย Pretty much self explanatory. Perhaps I can be more detailed and set a monthly goal. Lose one kg every month? That sounds realistic. I am definitely limiting my intake of sugar. Firstly, it shall begin with having my tea twice a week instead of the current daily routine!

4) Keep this blog alive.

What started in 2013 shall not discontinue in 2014. I shall be inspired to make more goodies and improve my skills.

Let’s see where I am at the end of this year.

Once again, wishing all a Happy New Year.


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