Potluck dinner!

To celebrate the end of school and our imminent graduation, two other girlfriends and I organised a potluck dinner. We had a ‘Western’ theme in mind at the beginning, which turned into korean/asian/western fusion cuisine.

Girlfriend 1 made japchae, aglio olio with mushrooms and prawns (recipe adapted from Youtube cook show host, Laura Vitale) and gamja jorim (sweet korean potato side dish)

Girlfriend 2 contributed with delicious cream of mushroom soup

I made tom yum chicken back at home since girlfriend 1’s place does not have oven for me to bake the chicken. My chicken dish was simple, compared to what they prepared and I did feel ashamed serving this up. X.X

Anyway, the dish is flavourful, but slightly undercooked thanks to the lack of time I had + I was afraid that the chicken cooked so slowly that everyone needed to wait for me and their food would turn cold. (That did not happen by the way as the girlfriends were still preparing when I arrived.) Aye. I should have stayed at home for a couple of minutes longer to fully bake the chicken.

I do believe this dish will be delicious and easy if I had more time to just perfectly cook it!

Recipe underneath


frozen chicken legs/ thighs (about 8) or one whole chicken

one pack of tom yam mix

lemongrass (optional)- to make the dish smell even better

baby potatoes (about 12~16)- washed and scrubbed


1. Thaw the chicken legs/ whole chicken.

2. Parboil the cleaned baby potatoes until a skewer can pierce through easily. Set to cool.

3. Rub tom yam spice mix onto chicken and baby potatoes and marinade them overnight or a few hours.

4. Place in a greased baking dish or casserole. Bake at 200 degree Celsius until cooked. (Probably about 45 mins. Begin checking at around 35~40 mins mark.)


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