Mini Apple Pie

I was very excited to make Dan Lepard’s sweet rough puff pastry, a recipe from his book “Short and Sweet”. So I made apple pie filling and the pastry carefully and wrapped each pie. After wrapping the pies, I placed them in the freezer to harden for a while and I set the oven to preheat.


My oven’s not working. It tripped the whole house’s electricity after reaching about 90 degrees Celsius.

So these pies have to stay in the freezer until I get a new oven pronto. I got a new microwave oven after one week and used these frozen apple pies to test it out.

They baked up beautifully right? Look at what the egg white wash did to the crust- bubbly and golden glorious crust. I was ecstatic.

One bite into one pie and OMG again- it’s soggy! The unbaked crust had turned soggy in the freezer with the apple pie filling. The pies look pretty but the texture of the pastry.. ugh.

Lesson learnt: I should preheat/ check the oven every time before I start baking anything. 😦


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